Meet The Bitcoin Mascot!

Hey there! I’m your friendly neighbourhood Bitcoin Mascot! Try and spot me out on the streets breaking out some dance moves, giving out roses (I’m a good ol’ romantic) or doing regular things like grocery shopping. If you see me, come give me a hug and take a picture! Catch me if you can…

bitcoin mascot illustration

What I do…

Make People Smile

Free hugs, cool dance moves, and unlimited high fives. Not a lot of people know about my family (Bitcoin), so I’m trying to get out there to socialize. I want to show that I (Bitcoin) can be approachable, easy to understand and fun too!

Free Swag

Catch me on a good day and I might just have some prizes and free swag to give away.

Bitcoin Awareness

Promoting and repping my Bitcoin and crypto family all day everyday. We’re super friendly!

Take Pictures!

Self-proclaimed posing expert. Please come take pictures with (or of) me so that I can show off all my incredible moves! Tag me with #heybitto so I can see all your incredible shots! Every month, I choose my favourite picture and give that person some free Bitcoin!
bitcoin mascot waving

More on Bitto’s family history

Bitto comes from a long line of digital currencies and is proud to be named as a Bitcoin mascot! Bitcoin is a digital currency that has some distinct differences from your conventional dollars like euros, usd, cad. One of which is that it is decentralized. This means is that no single person or entity controls the Bitcoin network. There is also a limited supply of bitcoin (and only one Bitto!). Fiat currencies (euros, usd, cad, etc)  on the other hand are issued by a government and controlled by central banks. They have an unlimited supply as the controlling parties can print or issue as many as they want!  

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