Bitcoiners Answering the Call for Relief 

Ayelen Osorio
Community + Content Marketing

February 19, 2020

Imagine if this were you for a moment:

You hear about Bitcoin and think “Wow, it’s a great initiative. I’m going to give it a try!”

You mine Bitcoin but eventually stop to focus on your family and career. So, you let it rest for a few years.

You become a millionaire because Bitcoin reaches over $10,000. What do you do now with all this new wealth?!



This isn’t just a fairy tale story. It has happened multiple times to a variety of people who were early adopters of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has produced a new class of spontaneously wealthy people, many of whom have become philanthropists turning cryptocurrency into goodwill.

These philanthropists have sent Bitcoin to:

  • support the Philippines when it was drowned by Typhoon Haiyan.
  • support Iran when the floods inundated about 2/3 of the land.
  • provide food and medical aid to Venezuelans in need as their economic situation spirals downwards.

Bitcoin is a powerful, effective and quick way to send support during a time of crisis. And its ledger can be a transparent way to track funds, resources and support. Bitcoiners who have made massive wealth from early investing and mining know this and leverage its value to do goodwill.


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