Survey Says 73% of Millionaires Own Cryptocurrency or Plan to Own It Soon

Jack Choros

Content Marketing
November 18, 2020

Bitcoin just crossed $23,000 Canadian and a survey shows that 73% of millionaires either own cryptocurrency or they plan to include it as part of their portfolio.

More about the Survey

The survey comes by way of an independent financial advisory organization called deVere Group. The group reached out to investors all over the world and concluded that nearly three quarters of respondents either already have investments in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, or they plan to own some by the end of 2022.

Big Boy Investors Agree with the Masses

We’ve already covered the level of institutional investment occurring in the cryptocurrency world throughout 2020 many times. It’s a big deal. Not only are big institutional bodies pouring in more money, so are the richest of the rich who’ve made most of their money in other traditional financial markets.

Just today, Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas is letting the world know that 10% of his investing portfolio features Bitcoin. The reality is smart money is going to continue to flow into the cryptocurrency markets no matter how you slice it. High net worth individuals will pour their capital into the most promising projects and so will publicly traded assets with access to large amounts of cash. After all, the responsibility of publicly traded companies to earn a return on investment for their shareholders. Whether or not those companies are directly associated with Bitcoin or blockchain technology is irrelevant at this point.

How Retail Investors Can Join the Party

One of the cool things about cryptocurrency is that it’s by everybody and for everybody. This means all you need to do to rub shoulders with the big boys is find a way to get your hands on some Bitcoin. Don’t worry about how to buy a Bitcoin in Canada. It’s easy. Use Netcoins. It’s free to register and you can deposit money via Interac e-Transfers, online billing or bank wire transfers to get some instantly. That way you can ride this current bull run. Get in on the opportunity now.


Written by: Jack Choros

Writer, content marketing at Netcoins.