Top 100 Wallet Addresses Accumulate $11 Billion in Bitcoin in 30 Days

Jack Choros

Content Marketing
January 13, 2021

The top 100 wealthiest wallet addresses in the world have accumulated $11 billion USD in Bitcoin in just the last month, according to That amounts to a whopping 334,000 bitcoins. What’s equally as impressive is the fact that only seven addresses holding significant amounts of Bitcoin decided to trade them in when the price experienced a near 28% pullback from the all-time high of $52,000 Canadian over the last week.

Only eight of the addresses have more than 10 transactions registered on the blockchain since December 12.

The Big Boys are Catching onto Bitcoin

One of the most interesting things about how the top wallet addresses are behaving with regards to investing in Bitcoin is the fact that many of the larger HODLers only started purchasing Bitcoin after September 2018. This means that those addresses are only experiencing their first big bull run now. They weren’t interested in Bitcoin when the same hype was happening in 2017.

At Netcoins, we’ve been talking about the fundamental paradigm shift towards institutions with large amounts of capital finally investing in cryptocurrencies for a while, and now we are seeing evidence of that. Even the big boys are buying the dip.

Consider How Much Bitcoin It Takes to Be in the Top 100 Addresses

Owning $427 million Canadian in Bitcoin is what it takes to get into the top 100 wallet addresses. The top 10 addresses have a minimum of $2.8 billion in Bitcoin. Those are pretty eye watering numbers. What’s even more impressive is that the top 100 addresses own more than 2.5 million bitcoins, representing 13.5% of the total circulating supply.

Just like in any other investing market, the top 1% (or in this case, the top 100 addresses) own a significant amount of the wealth.

Buy Bitcoin and Follow What the Big Boys Are Doing

Netcoins is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada. Join the big boys and capitalize on future gains even if you don’t have the $427 million Canadian needed to break into the top 100 addresses. It’s free to register and you can buy the dips at your convenience in many different ways.

Here’s to joining the top 1%!



Written by: Jack Choros

Writer, content marketing at Netcoins.