What Can You Actually Buy With Bitcoin In 2022?

Jack Choros

Content Marketing

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is at the forefront of cryptocurrencies. Despite its rocky ride over the last few years, the buzz around bitcoin is undeniable and at times unstoppable.

Since launching, millions of people have become familiar with bitcoin since it captured the public eye in countless news headings. However, many people still question its usability despite its popularity. This article helps answer the all-important question: What can you buy with bitcoin? 

The short answer is a lot. After all, bitcoin is money. If you’re curious, continue reading to learn more!

Two Methods to Make Payments with Bitcoin

As bitcoin surges in popularity and merchants rise to meet the demand, people have more and more opportunities to use their bitcoin wallets instead of swiping a debit card or paying with physical bills. 

With that in mind, there are two primary ways to buy with bitcoin. The first option is where the company itself accepts bitcoin as payment. This option allows you to cut straight to the chase, eliminating the middleman with purchases.

On the other hand, you can also buy through a broker. The way this works is via a third-party company that accepts bitcoin. The company accepts your bitcoin, then pays the company you’re actually buying something from in fiat currencies (or government-backed currencies) like dollars or euros. 

While using a third-party company to buy items allows you to use bitcoin, you may have to pay additional fees for using the exchange in currency, which will ultimately depend on the company you go through. 

What Does A Bitcoin Transaction Look Like?

Bitcoin transactions can take a few different shapes. The easiest option for buying items with bitcoin is using a crypto debit card. You choose a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, and then the card comes to you preloaded with it. 

When you use your card (and therefore spending your bitcoin), the retailer receives fiat money (like USD) for payment. The crypto debit card company is able to do this by partnering with various payment-processing merchants (like Mastercard and Visa) to guarantee a seamless transaction.

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

With a basic foundation of bitcoin and the various payment methods in mind, let’s jump in to see what you can actually buy with bitcoin.

A Lamborghini (Or, Cars In General)

Believe it or not, you can buy a Lamborghini with bitcoin. Of course, you’ll need to fork over a substantial amount of bitcoin to pay for the luxury vehicle, but it’s doable. 

If you have the extra bitcoin lying around, you can buy a Lamborghini or nearly any other supercar. Certain car dealerships, like BitCars and AutoCoinCars, are bitcoin-friendly and accept payments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These dealerships stock luxury car brands, including Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and McLaren. 

A Yacht

In addition to a supercar, yachts are also among the pool of choices where you could spend your bitcoin. Prime Experiences, a Colombian yacht rental firm, announced that it accepts payments in bitcoin so customers can now rent one of the company’s opulent yachts via bitcoin. The company says it expects to see a 40% growth in clientele using bitcoin as a payment option – pretty impressive! 

Denison Yacht Sales also allows customers to purchase yachts using bitcoin (if you’d rather buy a yacht than rent one). 

Tech & E-Commerce Items

Multiple technology and e-commerce merchants accept bitcoin on their websites. Tech giants, including Microsoft and AT&T, are among these merchants. Overstock, Shopify, and Rakuten are among the e-commerce merchants that also accepts bitcoin.

Jewelry & Expensive Watches

Among the luxurious goods options, you’ll find jewelry and expensive watches. JavyEstrella.com, an online luxury watch retailer, recently opened its marketplace to virtual currencies. Prestige Time also sells luxury watches and accepts bitcoin as payment.

Pizza & Fast Food

Food and drink are available for purchase should you decide to part with your bitcoin. In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC (worth over $477 million as of March 2022) for the delivery of two pizzas. This transaction is recognized as the first commercial transaction using bitcoin.

Various pizza and fast food merchants (Pizza Hut, Lieferando, etc.) and food delivery services (Just Eat) now accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. 


Various mainstream news outlets accept bitcoin for subscriptions and other services. For example, the Chicago Sun-Times was the first significant publication to accept bitcoin on its platform back in 2014. 

A few publications and news outlets now accept bitcoin as payment too, including Time Inc. 


Several educational colleges and facilities also accept bitcoin for various services. These include:

Event Tickets

If you’d like to attend an event, you may be able to use bitcoin to pay for admission. Various online sites accept bitcoin for event tickets, including Oakland A’s, the Miami Dolphins, and the Dallas Mavericks

A Trip

Feeling like you need a vacation? You can pay for the trip using bitcoin. Several airlines accept bitcoin payments, including CheapAir or Expedia (where you book flights through their site). Various hotels also accept crypto, including luxury hotel chain, The Kessler Group

Dozens of bitcoin ATMs are located throughout Las Vegas, and several hotels (The D and Golden Gate) also accept bitcoin. 

VPN Services

Service providers that offer VPN services also take bitcoin as payment. These merchants are expanding their client base by offering digital currencies like bitcoin as a payment method. ExpressVPN provides a high-speed, secure VPN network. Or, NordVPN is a no-log VPN provider from Malta. 

Movie Tickets

Watching movies in a theatre can quickly become expensive, especially for a whole family. MovieTickets.com allows you to buy tickets to around 900 movie theatres throughout the United States. Although bitcoin can’t help you with the snack food at the movie theatre, you can use it for your tickets. 

Domain & Domain Hosting

If you’re planning to develop a website but haven’t bought a domain yet, you can use your bitcoin to pay for it. Registrars like Domains 4 Bitcoins, Namecheap, and Monovm sell domains for the currency.

In addition, you can use bitcoin to buy web hosting, virtual private servers, and private servers from vendors like Coin.host, Server Room, and Clouviper.

Non-profit Donations

If you’d like to donate your bitcoin to charities, you have a few options to do so. Several popular nonprofit organizations accept bitcoin as a donation, including the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and the American Cancer Society

Smaller organizations, including The Water Project, Run 2 Rescue, and Save the Children, also accept the cryptocurrency. 


Bitcoin has come a long way since its launch over a decade ago. Despite its volatility at times, there’s no doubt the demand and usability for bitcoin continues to grow. Hopefully you can now see how bitcoin is being used more like digital cash. And as the future goes bitcoin, it may be a wise idea to buy bitcoin today with Netcoins.ca. You can create an account and start trading in minutes! And you’ll enjoy 0% funding fees and free cash withdrawals, making it super easy to get started with bitcoin today. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Written by: Jack Choros

Writer, content marketing at Netcoins.