Earn Bitcoin as you spend.

Get 1% back in Bitcoin1 with every purchase you make on the Netcoins Prepaid Mastercard®. Sign up for the card today!

Netcoins Pay Card: Earn 1% back in bitcoin

Another super easy way to get Bitcoin.

No annual account fees

Choose from a virtual and/or physical card

Use the Netcoins card anywhere that accepts Mastercard* cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Earn 1% Bitcoin1 back on all purchases 

How it works:


Sign up for Netcoins Pay

Choose whether you’d like a virtual or physical card or both! 

The Netcoins Pay card draws funds from the CAD balance in your Netcoins account.


Top up your card

Fund or top up your card easily by adding Canadian dollars into your Netcoins account.

You can do so via Interac e-Transfers, bank wires, or by selling your crypto holdings back into CAD.


Spend as you go

Use the Netcoins Pay card when you shop online or at physical stores.

Use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard* cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.


Earn Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin1 with every purchase you make on the Netcoins Pay card. 

Rewards are earned in CAD but are automatically converted into Bitcoin on a set date each month, and then credited to your Netcoins account.

Get the card.

You’ll need a Netcoins account to get a Netcoins Pay card. Create an account or log in to your existing Netcoins account to get the process started. Choose between a virtual and/or physical card.

Stay connected and in control of your card + rewards.

Access your card through your phone, a web browser, or the physical card
Lock your card(s) anytime through the Netcoins app

View and download all your monthly statements

Keep your Bitcoin rewards in Netcoins or transfer them out into an external wallet

It’s easy to earn Bitcoin on…

… and more!

Make everyday purchases. Earn Bitcoin while you’re at it.

Supported on Apple, Google & Samsung Pay for easy access

Virtual card is ready for use almost instantly after sign up

Optional physical card for the traditional tactile experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the card?

Canadian residents of all provinces with the exception of Quebec, are eligible to apply for the Netcoins Prepaid Mastercard®. Users must have a verified Netcoins account to apply.

The card is currently not available for corporate accounts.

What rewards do I get with the card?

Users earn 1% back in Bitcoin on all purchases made on the card.

Rewards are first earned in CAD and then converted into Bitcoin by Netcoins at a set date each month.

You can see the full rewards terms and conditions by clicking here.

What's the difference between the virtual and physical card?

Both the virtual and physical cards draw its funds from your Netcoins account, but it is important to note that these are two different cards. They each have their own unique card numbers.

The virtual card exists only digitally – it is surfaced within your Netcoins account and can also be added to Google Pay. Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. This card is made available to you almost instantaneously after sign up and verification. The virtual card is great if you plan to use your card mostly for online shopping or via Google, Apple or Samsung Pay.

The physical card on the other hand, is a tangible card that is mailed to your address and provides more of a traditional credit card experience.

This card takes approximately 7 business days to be delivered. Once delivered and activated (via phone), a digital version of your physical card will be surfaced within your Netcoins account. You can also add a digital version of your physical card to Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

The physical card is great if you’d like a tactile experience – have a card that you can hold and feel. This also allows you to use the card at retailers that may not accept Google/Apple/Samsung Pay, but accept Mastercard* cards.

Does my card expire?

Your card does have an expiry date on it. If funds remain in your Netcoins CAD portfolio balance after the “good thru” date, simply contact customer service at 1-866-331-8748 for instructions on how to receive a replacement Card free.

As you are able to use your Netcoins CAD portfolio balance on the card, your right to use the funds will not expire.

Are there any card restrictions or limits?

Here are some important restrictions:

  • Cardholders must be of the age of majority in the province or territory where they reside
  • Cardholders are restricted to one plastic and one virtual Netcoins Prepaid Mastercard® per person.
  • Your Card may be deactivated at any time if fraud, related to your Card or use of your Card, is suspected.

There are also important card limits that should be noted.

Please refer to the Netcoins Cardholder Agreement to see the full list of restrictions and limits.

*The Netcoins Mastercard is issued by KOHO Financial Inc. pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. The Netcoins Visa Prepaid card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Visa Int. The Visa wordmark is a trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence by Peoples Trust Company.

1 Rewards will be earned in CAD and then converted in Bitcoin by Netcoins at set intervals.